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What is the business split for your agency?

Why are you seeking an appointment with our company?

What factors influence where you place your residential property business?

What is your primary focus when selling a residential property policy?

Top 4 Residential Property Carriers


Are any of these markets accessed through an MGA contract?
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Will Atlas be replacing a current carrier?
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Does your agency use a Comparative Rater?
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Which residential property product forms are you most familiar with? (e.g. HOB, TDP-3, ISO-3)

What underwriting challenges does your market represent? (e. g. coastal wind, hail, unusual liability exposure)

How would our market fit in with the other markets you represent?

What marketing plans do you have in place to grow your residential property business? Must check at least 3 sources.

Use lead generation program

Use telemarketer

Agency website quoting capability

Relationship with mortgage loan officer, real estate broker or title company

Direct mail campaign

Have effective cross-sell program

Media advertising

Book roll

Have dedicated personal lines producers


What production commitment can you make to Atlas General Agency?

In addition to the application, we will require current License information, evidence of current Errors & Omission insurance with a minimum $1,000,000 limit and a current, signed W-9 form.